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Faculty and the Library

The Library Committee

The fledgling University of California asked members of the faculty to add library oversight to their duties as instructors. After the appointment of Joseph Cummings Rowell as the first full-time librarian in 1875 came the establishment of a Library Committee, composed of faculty representing the various disciplines, to advise him on selection of materials and on matters of policy and procedure.

The Committee later became a standing committee of the Graduate Council and, in 1911, of the Academic Senate. Rowell served as Secretary, a position taken over by Harold Leupp when he became Associate Librarian. The work of the Library Committee shaped the library, its collection, policies and buildings in countless ways and guided the transformation of a thousand volume collection in a room of South Hall into a vital center of research for generations of students and scholars.

In his The Beginnings of a Great Library, Rowell, writing in third person, described his reaction to news of the formation of an advisory committee:

[This] at first caused the librarian a moment's anxiety. Had he been delinquent in the discharge of his many duties? Did his autocratic propensities need curbing? But no complaints were brought to his attention and the new committee functioned usefully and harmoniously. It assumed the task of making the annual allotments of dollars—many or meager, for book purchases in the various fields of instruction, and thus relieve the librarian from possible criticism.

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